Impact of TEDx attendees on inside team


Here is a collection of comments the Donovan men made last Tuesday about the impact YOU – outside attendees – had on them during Sunday’s TEDxDonovanCorrectional:

  • The gravity of the situation hasn’t set in yet
  • I imagined us as one big family, living in a mansion together and coming down for breakfast
  • I’ve been exposed to so much love, compassion, and understanding that I’m transformed
  • [The day] was good — I don’t have any fancy words — it was good (from a man who speaks poetry)
  • [Outside attendees] brought light to my life
  • What I got out of [the day] was love
  • Seeing [everyone] being vulnerable and coming out of their cocoon. There is an essence of unity. I’m still stuck on that
  • We are part of a legacy. I’m just so happy to be part of it
  • I sat with two ladies in TEDxpression. They had me laughing. There was so much laughter, bubbliness. This was a whole new experience that just blew my mind. They were good people. I’ve NEVER experienced anything like that EVER — not at a wedding, not at a party
  • Some things you can’t describe in words because it takes away from it. Words would only lessen what I want to say.  There are no words to share what I’m trying to say. It’s indescribable
  • I enjoyed people just being people
  • It’s about being humble and respectful. One thing I deeply cherish is being humbled
  • It was the most powerful, spiritually uplifting thing I’ve ever experienced. I will take it to the grave

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