2019’s ambitious goals

TEDxDonCorr2018-646 Small.jpgThe Donovan residents are celebrating!!! After a year of strong progress shared with you in November, we’re looking to a powerful 2019.  And we’ve outlined ambitious goals for the year:

  • Continue running the existing 5 programs inside Donovan prison
  • Expand our TEDx rehabilitative program to the “Echo” yard, which means a doubling of resource needs and – yes! – TWO TEDx events in 2019
  • Launch the entrepreneurship incubation program on “Alpha” yard (the current TEDx yard)
  • Pilot the re-entry mentorship program, supporting reentrants to bring their cycle-of-violence-breaking ideas to reality
  • Hire facilitators and staff to strengthen the power we’re creating
  • Build sound back office with financial and operational management systems

Our vision is to break society’s cycle of violence.  And yes, as described in my TEDx talk, we believe that those who perpetuated this cycle are at the heart of its solution.  They have lived the cycle and, once they connect to their own brilliance, they become unstoppable to spread it.  Our programming embraces and enhances this power.  Together, we break the cycle of violence.

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