Below you’ll find, in order of appearance, the 13 videos from the first ever TEDxDonovanCorrectional, held on May 21, 2017.  Enjoy, as each is magical in its own right.

YouTube Playlist HERE

Eric Genuis – Butterfly (performance)

Lionell Tholmer – The Meaning of Love (inside resident speaker)

Shelley Wright – Answering Interstellar Calls (outside community speaker)

Stephen Davis – In Search of Purpose (inside)

Beto Vasquez – Redefining Normal (outside)

Martin Huey – Beyond the Surface (inside)

Eric Genuis – Here I am (performance)

Eric Genuis – Mercy (performance)

Scott Sargeant – The Truth Will Set You Free (outside)

John Schimmel – Deconstructing the Halo Effect of Racism and Stereotypes (inside)

Mario Torero – Art Can Save Your Life (outside)

Marcia Hale – Dancing Instead of Crashing (outside)

Billy Johnson – Rediscovering Hope Through Self-Forgiveness (inside)